I have had a working relationship with Dan for over 13-years and I can easily say that his approach to leadership is second to none. Dan is one of those leaders in your life that you learn from and grow from both personally and professionally. I observed how he handled change and adversity regarding our company’s finances and learned a great deal on his strengths of transparency and clarity. Dan helps you understand what is going on around you as well as your own growth plan and trajectory. In an ever changing dot com business, Dan was able to learn with ease how each department operated and figure out a structure that would get the team excited as well as productive. As our company evolved I worked closer with Dan and found that his ability to listen and truly understand an individual were traits that weren’t only necessary, they were desired. It is not easy to be in front of many evolving teams of ego-driven employees who always want more, but Dan does it with passion, commitment, and excellence.